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Client cases

Mtel – Telekom Srbija


The main goal the client gave us was the brand awareness campaign. Mtel Austria is part of the Telekom Srbija Group. For many years, Mtel Austria has been operating successfully in the highly competitive market of mobile operators in Austria. The people /audience/ we wanted to reach were from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, who live and work in Austria considering that roaming doesn’t exist if they are users of Mtel Austria. The campaign was active for two months on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. Nine influencers took part in the campaign.


During the campaign, we had moments when changes in the schedule were necessary in order to achieve the appropriate effect. Principle that we follow in business is the 360 ° concept that we applied in this campaign as well. It implies the formation of an adequate strategy, the right way of communication and brand presentation, but also the economy when it comes to the final cost of the campaign.


The campaign was a real challenge. The achieved result is counted in over 1 million views.
It was necessary to promote a brand that already has a market share. It needed something new and fresh.
We have received feedback from the target audience that they didn’t know how many affordable services Mtel really offers. We achieved the goal – after the campaign, people knew much more about the functioning and offers that the client provides.

Customer review

We from MTEL Austria believe that we had a correct collaboration with United Influencers SEE, that the agency always knew how to recognize the moment when the client needs to be involved, without bothering the client too much. That United Influencers associates have always been available and open to us to find the best solution.