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Client cases


  • mission

    To create awareness of the new cereal range of W. K Kellogg and outline their good features for a balanced diet.

    Furthermore to highlight the different product categories: “no added sugar“, “Superfoods“, “bio“ and if relevant “vegan“ – all a great basis for #mybetterstart. It was also of importance to take in consideration that each product just features one of the benefits.

  • solution

    Three different impacts were created during September month and 10 posts were published per impact on Instagram. Five influencers posted one story and one post each per impact. In their posts they shared their favorite feature with their new breakfast product by mentioning one of the alternatives from either one of the unique selling points of the highlighted product: ”sugarfree”, ”superfoods”, ”organic” or ”vegan”.

  • result

    The reach got to 901 455 in total views and 523 098 in unique views. The wide range of influencers created an opportunity to spread beautiful content highlighting the product to different target groups within lifestyle, fashion, interior and cooking.