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The goal of the campaign was to present new phone models, in order to show people more closely how much the lack of Google really doesn’t play a special role when choosing a communication device. Each of the new Honor phones is really more than functional without the browser of the same name.


We have selected influencers of different sensibilities, so that each of them introduces a small dose of authenticity in their presentation of the device. In that way, everyone could identify with their favorite opinion leader from social networks and experience the product as something that is realistically available to them, as well as affordable.


The result shows that close to 400 thousand people saw or heard about Honor phones from this campaign. By introducing the latest phone models, the campaign has achieved just that people have finally become more aware that we should not blindly stick to everything we are used to and that it is okay to learn new forms of communication and technology. The phones really work flawlessly and without Google apps, precisely because they have adequate replacements.

Customer review

The collaboration with United Influencers Southeast Europe went very smoothly from idea to execution, and at all times I had the feeling that everything was under control, while the results of the campaign and their presentation showed that. The UI team deserves absolute trust in all future campaigns.