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Client cases


  • mission

    To create awareness of the Exploria center, it’s accessability during low season and the wide range of activities for families that are being offered

    To increase the overall curiosity and guiding consumers through the centre of Exploria. By creating a unique relationship between UI profiles and the chosen target a new dialogue will lead to brand awareness and conversion.

  • solution

    Ann Söderlund and Carolina Gynning took their children to visit the big playground center and guided their followers through a fun day at Exploria. With an open and easy going tone the profiles created a true sense of Explorias uniqueness and how it can entertain youngsters as well as adults through the social media platforms: Instagram, Stories, Blog and Facebook.

  • result

    More than half a million in total reach. By boosting Carolina Gynnings Instagram post, the click rate skyrocketed to 6620 clicks. CPC was rated1,4- and CPM rated58 which are very good results. The interactions and engagement was also very high in general.