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Embassy of Sweden


Diplomatic online dinner was a new experience for all of us. We are pleased that the Swedish Embassy and His Excellency Ambassador Jan Lundin have placed their trust in us, and we organized a beautiful gathering together with our influencers.


The main focus of the event was the cookbook and its promotion through influencer marketing prepared by the Swedish Embassy with its partners. We talked about food, and the ecological way of growing food, throwing away food unnecessarily and raising general awareness about the hungry people around the world.


The dinner was very interesting. The opportunity to talk openly with a representative of a country is a special opportunity for each of us. In this action 7 influencers took part in. During one evening, we achieved over 270K views.

Customer review

As someone who attended the Digital Evening as a silent observer, I can commend you and the entire United Influencers team for the excellent collaboration that resulted in a successful digital dinner during which it was clear that all participants enjoyed no matter how unusual this concept remained.