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Client cases


  • mission

    Brannvernforeningen runs the project “Brannbamsen Bjørnis” (the fire bear Bjørnis) which is created to meet children’s need for comfort and safety around fire and other accidents. The mission was to Build Bjørnis’ brand and spread knowledge about house fires to children

  • solution

    Bjørnis the fire bear came home to Influencer Marna and her family to have a fire exercise. The kids got to know Bjørnis and Marna spoke about the importance of educating children about house fires at an early age. After the visit, we had a contest on Marna’s Facebook where kindergartens could sign up to win free training material together with Bjørnis.

  • result

    The partnership resulted in over 2000 kindergartens all over Norway joining the contest

Customer review

Through the collaboration with United Influencers and Marna, we have managed to reach an audience we normally wouldn’t reach. Bjørnis the fire bear has grown a large following on social media since the campaign, which means we reach more people with fire-preventive communication.